What do I do?


Want a policy brief to drive home an issue or secondary research on the latest international development trends and topics?

If you need to summarise complex issues, make a case for change and outline actionable options, I’d love to help.

I help decision-makers understand issueswhat they can do about them and provide realistic expectations about how much time, money and resources it will take.

I write for UN agencies, NGOs and international donors.

I hold a Masters in Public Policy fully funded by an EU scholarship and a first class Honours degree from The University of Melbourne in Political Science.

A former project management professional, I worked for a decade in international development and the humanitarian sector in Lao PDR, Afghanistan, South Africa, Lebanon, Indonesia and Australia.

Travel and Culture:

If you want to grow your business or simply ensure you have repeat clientele, I might be able to help.

I work with small companies just starting up their marketing campaigns as well as established industry leaders.

I love writing content and blog articles that are engaging and informative, capturing the imagination of travellers and inspiring them to venture out into the great wide world.

Clients include Travelocity, Expedia and Wotif.

My first solo trip at 22 was a nine-month overland journey from Calcutta all the way to Istanbul via Nepal, Pakistan and Iran. To this day, I’m not too bad at negotiating border crossings.

What I don’t do:

I don’t use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media to promote myself.

I didn’t take the photos you see here – they’re all courtesy of Unsplash.

I don’t waste time fiddling with filters or designing boards.

I don’t do this for myself.

But, that’s because I’m spending my time focussing on getting your content or piece of work to be the best it can be.

What else?

I decided to take a break from conflict zones and harsh realities; I still write about the serious stuff but work on some light-hearted projects too.

Now Barcelona-based, I’m Australian born-and-bred but globally-minded.