The Book of Everyone – Aussie Icon Mini-Biographies

The Book of Everyone is a gift book company that launched an Australian edition.

This bunch of English blokes wanted to know what in the world eskies, budgie smugglers and a few snags short of a barbie means.

In a nutshell, about all things Aussie + pop culture.

I compiled heart-warming and humorous facts on films and famous Aussies, slang and sports – and yes, even the price of beer – from 1910-2016.

Apart from using my research skills, I got to show my sense of humour.

I was asked to write 100-word biographies of famous Aussie icons from 1910 to the current year.

It was a lot of fun writing in the tongue-in-cheek but genuine tone-of-voice of the brand.

But also a challenge to summarise someone’s life so briefly. I really hoped I captured their personal character as well as their achievements.

See several of them here: