Barcelona Days

Photo: Anastasia Zhenina courtesy of Unsplash

I’ve been writing a couple of magazine articles about Barcelona this month.

I tried to get the lowdown for The Metropolitan on what’s going on with drug-dealers taking over vacant flats in Raval. It’s a gritty, colourful, inner-city neighbourhood known for it’s diversity, both economically and culturally. But neighbours are getting fed up.

The issue is a complicated one.

I interviewed local government, foreign investors, and local citizens to get their opinions on what they see as the main problem and how to solve it.

I worked with the editor at The Metropolitan and sourced appropriate images and visuals, advising on which ones to use to illustrate the necessary information and details.

Fittingly for the month celebrating Saint Jordi’s Day, I also got to delve into Barcelona’s reading culture for a forthcoming article.

I interviewed the CCCB, Laie and Babelia to understand how they see their role fostering a reading culture, their challenges in a world of digital books, and how ideas can transcend language barriers.

I asked them what locals and expats are reading, in what way the Catalan literary scene is changing, and how international authors are involved in keeping Barcelona’s cultural lifeblood pumping.

And as always, I’m following the latest events on Catalonia’s independence movement. With the exiled leader Carles Puigdemont now in jail in Germany, things are getting even more interesting.