Assorted Delights

Photo courtesy of Sarah Takforyan

Since October, I’ve been working on a mixed bag of different projects.

I prodded people to sign up to the gym Holmes Place via BCNcontent, playing on their post-Xmas guilt. We all buy into it at least once; our number one New Year’s resolution to be healthier and fitter. Well, at least for a week right?

I’ve been helping an old client, The Book of Everyone, get into the spirit of the Antipodes for the launch of the Australian version which is finally coming together. You beauty.

I was also lucky enough to write some content for home-schooling parents and teachers to inspire their kids to learn through travel, challenging their prejudices about different cultures.

Oh yeah…and I also finalised a policy brief which will hopefully help change the way women farmers in Myanmar are able to legally access, use and own land.