South America Travel – Part Two

Photo by Amanda Kerr on Unsplash

I love describing the sense of freedom and wonder you experience while wandering the globe.

Halfway through rewriting and editing 160 tours for South America Travel, I’m armchair traveling through the mountain hideaway of former Incan empire Machu Picchu, the vast, remote and wild Patagonia landscape, and the cosmopolitan cities of Rio, Santiago and Buenos Aires.

The client needed a complete rewrite of content dating from more than a decade ago, originally by non-native English speakers.

We updated the Style Guide as we went, I tested my Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, and added a bit of flair for specialized tours to vineyards, golf ranges and archaeological sites.

Some of the tours have already been published but I’m still busy working on getting the rest up to scratch.

Meanwhile, check out just a short sample below.

“Arrival in Easter Island

Day 1

Experience a completely different culture from the Spanish-influenced mainland. Found 3,800km off the coast of Chile in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is a truly unique discovery.

Arrive at Mataveri Airport, be greeted by your guide and transfer to your hotel. Spend the day exploring this intriguing island and get acquainted with the ancient Rapa Nui culture.

Boasting natural wonders such as dormant volcanoes and pristine beaches that offer idyllic conditions for snorkeling and surfing, the island is also a sanctuary for traditional Polynesian art and the mysterious and ominous moai statues.

Feel at home amongst the friendly Polynesian community while sauntering along the streets of this seaside town.”